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Help for Over-processed Hair

Over-processed hair looks and feels dry and brittle. Damaged ends begin to split and fray giving the hair a straw like texture and creating frizzy flyaways. To figure out how to help your hair, first you need to know what causes this kind of damage. What causes over-processed hair? There are several factors can lead…
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Why We Love Eufora Color

Have we recently done your color? Did you noticed how vibrant, shiny and smooth your hair was after your service? Want to know our secret? We are now using Eufora ColorElixir with every EuforaColor service... and at no additional cost to you! EuforaColor, voted Best in Grey Coverage by Launchpad, is a high performance professional…
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Back to the Basics of Hair Care

Having beautiful hair doesn't have to be complicated or break the bank if you just stick to the basics :-) Trim trim trim: Regular trims help keep the flyaways at bay. Getting a trim every 6-8 weeks prevents your hair from splitting which reduces frizz and flyaways to keep your hair look healthy and full…
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Ten Hair Tips from Behind the Chair

At-home hair care doesn't have to be hard if you use the right products, tools and techniques. ¬†Check out our ten best hair tips from¬†our amazing stylists. Want the just out of the salon blowout? Apply a leave-in conditioner or a heat protectant to your wet hair from root to ends. Then apply a root…
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