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Eliminate Your Stress in 60-Minutes

So your feeling stressed and you look as tired as you feel. What if you could just walk into a room and all that stress just left your body. Well you can! Take a moment and let yourself imagine that you do walk into that mystery room. As you enter, you are shown where to…
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Waxing & Threading – What You Should Know

Removing unwanted hair can be done in numerous ways. * You can shave off unwanted hair, but many are frustrated by fast regrowth in as early as a day. * Plucking or tweezing unwanted hair can deliver longer lasting results but can be painful and tedious. * Depilatory creams and gels (hair removal creams/gels) are…
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O2 Facials Revolutionizing Healthy Skin Care

Skin care doesn't have to be hard, but it does have to be deep penetrating to see results. Image Skincare's revolutionary O2 Lift Facial uses the best nature has to offer. It is totally paraben-free, making it healthy for you and the environment. Choice fruit extracts to exfoliate gently, bubbly oxygen mask to penetrate and…
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Defend Your Skin with these 3 Must Have Products

Has winter made your skin dull, dry or chapped? These three products will change your skin for the better. With healing essential oils, these ultra-hydrating products are our salon picks for beating Jack Frost and his wicked winter blues. Lips: Don’t let chapped, dry lips get you down. Chapstick serves well enough as a protector,…
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