Microblading: Why Women LOVE It!

Looking to take your brow game to the next level? Have you always wished for fuller or darker brows?
Lana is a master esthetician, licensed to do microblading and permanent makeup, and she totally slays the brow game with her precision touch.

Microblading allows you the freedom to throw out that brow pencil, gel and powder. No more stenciling, taping, using a knife as a guide. No more online tutorials and staring in the mirror feeling hopelessly un-fleeeked with uneven brows, different color brows, or over drawn caterpillars. Better yet, no more over plucked bald spots, missing brows or painful threading and waxing appointments.

Microblading works by filling in, reshaping and even reconstructing your brows with pigment just under your skin in the basal layer of your epidermis. Your brows are hand “drawn” across your brow bone using a specialized tool with needles that are 3 times thinner than traditional tattoo needles. The hand drawing technique and specialized microblading tool creates tiny feathered lines that look like your own individual brow hairs.

The sensation of the microblading had best been described as a light to medium scratching. Numbing gel is used to minimize any discomfort. Because the epidermis is being punctured there is some mild bleeding. The healing time is relatively quick. There is some scabbing that occurs and picking at the scabs can actually remove pigment, so do not pick, let the scab naturally flake off.

Your pigment will be matched to your natural brow color for optimal blending. Your brows may appear fairly dark at first, however, after the natural healing process your color will tone down. Unlike a tattoo, microbladed pigment is not permanent. Your microbladed brows will last about 18 months but for many the pigment lasts up to three years, especially when you do a yearly touch up.

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