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Face the Facts About Acne

Acne is caused by two main factors; an over production of sebum (an oily/waxy substance created by the oil glands under your skin) and trapped toxins/ bacteria clogging the pore. Most acne flare ups are found on the face, neck, upper shoulders, back and chest. Anyone can get acne; so if you are one of the…
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Sun-sational Makeup Tips

Summer is here which means pools, patio dining, beach vacations and the warm sun brightly shining on your sun-kissed skin.  Sounds fantastic doesn't it? But women know the truth; that bright warm sun is often accompanied by a little "dew" (aka sweat) that can make you look more sun-smudged than kissed. No woman wants her foundation…
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Prevent Breakouts with These Easy Tips

Some people are more prone to acne breakouts than others, but being prone to a breakout doesn't mean you can't have great skin more of the time. Here are a few simple ways to help keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and clean. 1) Keep Stress in Check: Stress can increase your cortisol levels and that can…
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