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Great Q&A By CND: Shellac Manicures What You Should Know

Q&A #REPOST from CND Shellac™ Great information from our friends over at #CND, reposted for your convenience. 1. What is CND Shellac? CND Shellac Power Polish™ is a breakthrough, patent-pending technology that combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels. No other products in the market can stand up to the claims –…
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Shellac Manicures; manicures that last

What is a Shellac Manicure Shellac polish is best described as a cross between a regular nail polish and an acrylic manicure. It lasts longer than a regular polish and is less abrasive than an acrylics. When you have a Shellac manicure your technician will start with the removal of  any old polish or acrylics then move into nail and cuticle cleaning…
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Know the Difference Between Cured and Dried Nails

Do you know the difference between dry and cured nail polish? When you are at the salon for a traditional manicure or pedicure you may need to grab a magazine and sit in the waiting area for a few minutes after your service to give your polish time to dry. However, dry and cured are…
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