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7 Seriously Easy At Home Nail Care Tips

Easy at home nail care tips to keep your nails happy and healthy between manicures. 1) Value nail health over nail length. Long nails definitely give a feeling of femininity, but the longer your nails are the more likely they are to break doing every day activities like opening a car door. Keeping your nails a…
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Don’t Mess Up Your Manicure Ever Again! Insider Tips

Oh the tragedy of getting a fabulous #manicure just to have it last about twenty minutes before you nick, dent or chip those pretty nails! So many manicures have been ruined by riffling through purses to find phones. Why does this happen? If you are using traditional nail polish, your nails may be dry but not…
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Know the Difference Between Cured and Dried Nails

Do you know the difference between dry and cured nail polish? When you are at the salon for a traditional manicure or pedicure you may need to grab a magazine and sit in the waiting area for a few minutes after your service to give your polish time to dry. However, dry and cured are…
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